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My work is primarily based on repurposing advertising images and realistic American paintings, as well as those from the fifties to the seventies. My preferred themes include globalization, man and the predation of his environment, as well as anarchy, education and the role of childhood in shaping a prosperous future.


I am an artist and illustrator settled in the southwest of France. After pursuing various disciplines in the fields of architecture, carpentry, and craftsmanship, I made the decision to devote myself to my primary passion, which is collage.


I have been practicing collage for over twelve years. My fascination with this medium and the freedom it provides allows me, through the association of images and ideas, to develop a new sense beyond the conventional. My beginnings in collage involved several years of experimentation with paper-based materials, using flyers, posters, magazines, and advertising materials collected from the streets and local record stores. In 2019, my artistic journey took a distinctive turn as I transitioned from paper collage to digital, enabling me to expand the possibilities of expression and assert a more personal direction.

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